IMG_6399Our robot was officially sealed in a bag last Tuesday, and it is now sent away until competition day. Beforehand we were able to drive it around and practice with the joystick, and have gotten pretty good at it too! We even got to run it around Convocation at Gilmour. The robot also now has the capability to pick up a ball and throw it reasonably far, although the general driving is much stronger. We originally had the problem that if the driver kept the joystick on the “high power” setting when he switched to controlling the arm to catch the ball, the ball would slam into the inner workings of the robot. We had to put back about half of the guts of the ship the first time this happened, and have since placed a protective bar to stop the arm in case the driver forgets during the actual competition.

We are still making progress on making the second robot, and it is coming along MUCH easier than the first time, as all of the problems that we ran into the first time have already been solved. The post-build part of the process is going quite well, and the team has high hopes for post-season, and participating in the big competition.

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