What exactly is a moon shot?

A moon shot is something everyone believes is impossible, but it’s something that’s achieved anyway. When high school students are asked to build a robot with little to no experience in the area, it can feel much like JFK’s challenge to reach the moon in before the end of the 60’s. Let’s celebrate that feeling. We know the FIRST Robotics Challenge is daunting. Let’s square up and face it together.

The Moonshot FRC team began as a collaboration between Gilmour Academy and North Royalton High School, but now is solely comprised of Gilmour students. The team started when seniors in the class of ’16 decided to take their budding appreciation for robotics and step into the hardest challenge around. Each year’s team gets named after a moon, with Luna as our first.


Started by Dean Kamen in 1989, FIRST was started to find a fun away to introduce STEM education to new students. FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.


Robotics encompasses metalworking, electrical engineering, 3D designing, product testing, programming, and project management. We’re building large, metal machines that can independently move, process sensory input, and make complex decisions. 


FRC gives us an opportunity to study academic and vocational fields in an intense, project-based context. We are grateful for the knowledge and eager for the challenge.

3200 Lines of code
10200 MG of Caffeine
2060 Man hours
39200 Messages on Slack

Our Sponsors

Robotics Supporters

Gilmour Academy

Gilmour Academy is a Catholic, independent, coeducational college-preparatory school that was founded in 1946 by the Brothers of the Holy Cross from Notre Dame, Indiana. Alumni from Gilmour Academy have shown steadfast dedication to supporting our team.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University is a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio. The university was created in 1967 by the federation of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University. Moonshots FRC have been attending seminars hosted by the Case robotics team.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation, Inc., is an American provider of industrial automation and information solutions. Moonshots FRC is sponsored by Rockwell through the Rockwell Automation FRC Grant and is mentored by several of its world-class engineers. We’re grateful to have them as our neighbor and partner.

Support the Team

The Moonshots FRC Team depends on community support. Please consider donating to the Gilmour Academy Annual Fund with a note to direct your giving to the Moonshots. On Gilmour’s donation page, you’ll find plenty of resources to reach out to the Development Office and get any additional information about donations.

Meet the Team

Meet the Talents

Anthony Gillespie

Team Captain

Anthony has been a long-time volunteer at the Buckeye Regional. It was a shock for him to experience the competition as a participant instead. He knows what it takes and is rallying his team to go the distance.

Charlie Mendes

Software Captain

Charlie’s calm and persistent. He’s got his head down and pouring over Java syntax on his massive gaming laptop. Charlie’s got no time for drama, only debugging.


Admin Captain

Oversees fundraising, recruiting, purchasing, travel arrangements, team updates, and all of the other unromantic business that keeps the team alive.


Design Captain

Expert in the rules of this year’s game, the Design Captain will oversee the big picture to make sure that the mechanics will work reliably and within regulations.