Week 6: The End is Nigh

Week 6: The End is Nigh

Week 6: The End is Nigh

The First Robotics Competition season is wrapping up. Our robot is due February 23, at which point we will have to seal it in a bag and likely won’t see it until the day of the competition. We will not be able to work on modifications, but plan to practice between the two dates on a second robot.


Winding Down

As the season is drawing to a close, there is little left to order for the robot, and we are mostly running tests up until the point where we have to turn our robot in. We have received all of the necessary parts to build our second robot, and will start with that process once our robot is sealed up on Tuesday.


It Lives!

We now have an actual working robot! The drive train is officially completed, and connected to the main
board. We got it moving, and were able to have it move around some obstacles. We have also made some progress with the intake system, which is proving a bit tricky, but we should have it done in time. We also have tried out some ideas on our robot’s arm, and it will hopefully be functional by Tuesday.


Putting Software with Hardware

Our robot has finally been able to run some codes, as we have finally attached the drivetrain to the base. Our robot has successfully driven, as well as navigated some obstacles, which was very exciting. We have found a couple errors in our code, but we should be able to solve it before Tuesday. The software is not nearly as complicated as we originally thought, and it shouldn’t be hard to finish something that will allow our robot to navigate the competition.


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