Week 4: Seeing Some Results

Week 4: Seeing Some Results

Week 4: Seeing Some Results

This week we have continued our work from last week, such as finishing half of the drive train and attempting to solve our issue concerning the gearbox. We are moving on to completing the drivetrain and main frame of the robot, and continue to make steady progress through our hard work.

Orders, Orders, Orders

We got an intake system! It arrived just as we had expected this past Tuesday, and now all we have to do is put it together–but that is easier said than done. We have also ordered more drive controls, which are the parts that allow our energy supply to reach our motors, because right now we don’t have enough to connect to each of the motors that we need to power our robot. This will allow us to test our robot to see how well it can move around. At the same time, we began the exciting process of ordering flight suits (they may have been kidding but it sounds funny), which the team is very excited about. Once we were all able to agree that no, we do not need flame-retardant suits, the team has become very enthusiastic about picking some out.

Reaping Some Reward

We’ve finally completed half of the drivetrainSlack for iOS Upload, and work on the other half is running smoothly as we have finally been able to attach treads to the new, larger wheels. As long as we stop taking apart the parts of the train that have already been completed, we should have a completed drivetrain soon. We also ended up spending an entire day trying to solve our missing gear problem for the gearbox, while still not solving it, so the team made the decision to switch back to the old ToughBox, which was much simpler to work with.
We also have been able to begin cutting a base for our robot, as the main electronic components are now being held together by zipties on a pegboard. Once we have mounted this, we will be able to attach the drivetrain to it, and finally see something close to a finished product. This is arguably the most satisfying part of the building process, as we finally will have something to show for all the hard work that has been put in by the team over the past weeks.

Focusing On Other Things

Concerning software, we have not made much progress in the past week. However, this is due to our focus on and dedication to other areas of the robot, as we are attempting to make it the very best we can in the limited time we have. These things take precedence over more advanced and complicated programming, and because of this we will focus on the programming after the more important aspects are finished.

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